About Us

Website Aspirations aka WebsiteAspirations.com is a service owned and operated by Dollar Fanatic LLC mostly known for being America's First & Only Exclusively Online Dollar Store. The primary focus of Website Aspirations is to highlight potential online businesses using domain names and summary concepts Dollar Fanatic LLC either launched or tested. You will be encouraged to buy a domain name with the option to receive a Logo package.

Website Aspirations also features up to 200 Weekly Deals we call Deal Aspirations aka DealAspirations.com which are up to 50% Off retail with Free Shipping to most of the United States. Because we're considered an Outlet service these products are sold While Supplies Last and may or may not be available once sold out.

To make a long story short, Website Aspirations is primarily managed by our Founder ,aka Pierre, as sort of a Pre-Retirement project selling off Domain Names, Ideas, and Products that were meant to be part of an Online Mall concept Dollar Fanatic LLC in the long run decided not to pursue due to problems with services needed to operate the concept. Customers will have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of a service that has been doing business exclusively online for over 10 years. Pierre is also considering offering a one on one consulting service as part of Website Aspirations services.