Product Authenticity

Dollar Fanatic LLC has a 100% Authentic Products policy.

The products Dollar Fanatic LLC. sells on this website and potentially third party marketplaces are Authentic. We're a Discounter/Liquidator of products from Major Retailers, Brands, and Distributors. We purchase Closeouts, Overstocks, Shelf Pulls, and Store Closing inventory from only reputable sources. The majority of our products come directly from authorized liquidation channels from about a half dozen Major Retailers. We do not have any desire to purchase inventory from any non-reputable or illegal sources. We do not manufacture, cobrand or replicate any products, nor at this time are we considered an authorized distributor of any product. We purchased these products legally within the United States of America. We do not import any products. Also, because we make no claim to be an authorized distributor of any product or brand we don't extend any warranties or guarantees of any nature. It's very simple we purchase the product through legal channels and sell the product through legal channels. Because we are not considered authorized distributors of any products, we're not subject to MAP terms. We also usually have very limited inventory on very popular products so it wouldn't be worth the time and effort to request authorized distributorship. If at any time we become an authorized distributor of a product, we will clearly state that in the product descriptions.

We understand there is a desire to Price Fix, Eliminate Competition, Control Buy Boxes, etc., that can be considered illegal or at best unethical. In most cases when a product is sold, the Brand owner, etc., loses the right to control that product as long as someone is not duplicating, misrepresenting, etc. This is a trend that we don't support and really don't understand. At some point Bread Companies may start to tell people what type of Meat or Spread can be used on their Brand of Bread! We understand there is also an element of players that work in the area of illegal products that are counterfeit or stolen; however, we do not participate in that activity and have no desire to start any illegal activity like this and can no longer tolerate the damage of not being able to sell products we've purchased legally. Please understand counterfeit and stolen products hurt Small to Mid-sized companies the most. Targeting Small to Mid-sized companies only helps the Bad Actors and prevents the Free Marketplace concept we work under in the United States of America from keeping the economy flowing. To put it bluntly, the Bad Actors don't care, and usually don't setup legal businesses to do illegal things.

As far as providing documentation to prove the validity of an item, if needed, we will provide information to Manufacturers, Brands, and other related entities with property rights to prove the products we offer are authentic and/or not stolen. However, we will not participate in the recent practice of turning over official company receipts and documentation that may violate previous agreements with suppliers and can hurt the existence of our company and maybe a direct violation of our business legal rights. Of course, if we end up in court we will provide any documentation needed to prove we purchased the product legally and that our rights have been violated by a frivolous claim. Please Note: An easy way for any Manufacturer, Brand, and other related entities with property rights to verify authenticity is to make a purchase of the products we offer. If for some reason the issue is a problem with the Major Retailer that sold the product, we can deal with that on a case by case basis.

We're an honest company, that is hopefully on the same side as most Manufacturers, Brands, etc. Our Management is more than happy to have a discussion about product's authenticity, etc. with Manufacturers, Brands, and other related entities with property rights concerns. However, because we obtain 100% of the products we offer through legal channels, we can no longer accept fraudulent or frivolous claims against our company that in turn damage our relationship with our business partners. If a false claim is made to a business partner that impacts our business negatively, we will consider the company that made the claim and who they represent as liable for damages, legal fees, and defamation of our reputation.

Important Note: This document was created by Management using the advice received from legal sources; however, at this time it is not considered an official legal document. If it is needed at some point, we will have an official legal document created and posted.